When the Waterfront Theatre School opened its doors in the early 1990’s, the intention of founders, Keith Galloway and Delia Sainsbury, was to offer training that developed the ‘triple threat’-a description used for artists who sing, dance and act.

Before the age of #hashtags – the Waterfront Theatre School claimed the moniker ‘Higher’ to inspire a generation of young artists who, today, fill a range of performing and teaching positions across the globe.

This legacy continues and our 4-year programme still combines training in singing, dancing and acting culminating in qualifications accredited by Trinity College London and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in London.  Our intimate environment provides personalised programmes ensuring that each individual’s needs are supported and aligned to their future professional aim…. whatever that might be!

The performing arts world, however, is an ever-changing landscape with endless possibilities. Success within that world depends on creative adaptability and the term ‘triple threat’ itself is an evolving concept.

As an established leader in the field, the Waterfront Theatre School continues to observe closely the diversity of skills required by young people to begin and navigate a sustainable career within the Creative Industry. We actively provide opportunities for students to perform, teach and create – and, in so doing, spark a new generation of industry pioneers redefining the concept of a ‘triple threat’

Offering a programme that is principally vocational with a strong emphasis on developing a skillset that is relevant to a viable career, the Waterfront Theatre School sees today what you dream of for tomorrow. 

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