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Step into a mesmerizing world of rhythm, melody, and captivating movement as the stage comes alive with the enchanting dance show, “And The Winner Is.” This spectacular production seamlessly weaves together the timeless magic of award-winning musicals and films, bringing to life the indelible melodies and unforgettable stories that have touched hearts around the world.


Led by a cast of versatile dancers, “And the Winner Is” transports audiences on a breathtaking journey through the realms of Broadway and Hollywood. From the dazzling choreography inspired by iconic moments in “Avatar” to the infectious energy of “Some Like It Hot”, each performance is a tapestry of movement and emotion.

Join the Waterfront Theatre Junior School as we weave together enchanting narratives through dance and music! Once Upon a Dance is a magical performance that celebrates some of our most beloved children's stories. Featuring stunning choreography, wonderful costumes and captivating music, this show is a dream come true for fans of all ages.

Past Shows


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Spring Awakening
From the top
The last voyage
Sister Act
All The World's a Stage
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