Waterfront Theatre School




Give yourself a head start in the creative industry by developing a diverse skill set and become an industry pioneer.


  • WTS provides access to a range of courses in Musical Theatre, Dancing and Acting.

  • We provide a personalised programme catering to your individual needs and professional goals.

  • WTS provides numerous performance showcases with opportunities to train in all aspects of the production process, including writing, directing and choreography.

​*Please note: These international qualifications are not currently recognised by SAQA.  These qualifications are internationally registered by OFQUAL and range from a NQF level 4 to a NQF level 6 within the international qualifications framework.

Waterfront Theatre School dance


The Waterfront Theatre School dance programme is designed to condition the dancers body to support a wide range of dance styles.  The programme focuses on strength, facility, technique, musicality, creativity and performance expression in order to empower the dancer to be adaptable in a wide range of performance contexts. 

Modules include:

•    Classical Ballet

•    Ballet Repertoire

•    Modern Theatre Dance

•    Jazz

•    Contemporary

•    Musical Theatre/Broadway

•    Tap

•    Street Dance

•    Partner Work

•    Horton

•    Stretch and Flexibility Training

•    Anatomy and Physiology

Dance Majors are required to do Acting and Singing classes as part of their programme in order to ensure versatility.


The combined Drama and Musical Theatre stream offers a programme designed to develop the four key aspects of performance: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Vocal.  The programme offers techniques applicable within a wide range of media, including stage, radio, TV and Film.

Compulsory Modules include:

•    Acting Technique

•    Emotional Technique

•    Improvisation

•    Physical Resources

•    Vocal Resources

•    Musical Theatre Repertoire

•    Music Theory

•    Context and Repertoire

•    Singing Technique

•    Performance Class

•    Industry Preparation

•    Principles of Teaching

Drama and Musical Theatre Majors include Dance modules as appropriate.

Waterfront Theatre School

The Waterfront Theatre School is a private institution.

Fees for 2023: R112 750  (excluding international examination fees and dance attire)


Do We Offer Bursaries?

WTS is associated with South Africa’s largest student finance facilitation service, Student Hero, which partners with various funding providers in order to assist with financing your education.  Any student requiring financial assistance may contact them directly for pre-assessment and support through the application process. Please email hello@studenthero.co.za or call 0612298829 for further information.